Fast Food.

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all having a wonderful day so far. Harper woke up earlier than normal, I spent half of the morning thinking it was Wednesday, and literally had a staring contest with a bird as it did its business on my car… so there’s that. But that’s okay, nothing some coffee cant fix.. because coffee can fix everything.

So if you follow me on Instagram (which you probably do or else you wouldn’t be here reading this) you’ve probably seen me post a meal or two that I’ve meal prepped. I meal prep every single week. Usually the same couple of things just because it’s easy and I know it tastes good and is easy to make (why try and re-invent the wheel, amirite?) I totally think that meal prepping is something that everyone should learn- especially us busy moms. However, there are DEFINITELY times where I either don’t feel like making my weekly Costco run, or all of a sudden Sunday night comes and I’ve fallen asleep on the couch by 8:30 (this is a judgment free zone btw so no judging me!) I’ve looked into some meal prep delivery services for several months now. The meals look good, they’re relatively inexpensive but then when you go to check out they hit you smack in the face with a $70 shipping charge. Sorry but no. Not happening.

The other day before going to Orange Theory, I stopped in my favorite local supplement store Nutrition Elite (which, if you haven’t been here yet and you’re local– get your butt in there.. its the best place for any/all supplements and Patrick is THE nicest)  to stock up on some of my favorite protein bars. I started talking with Patrick and come to find out– they started doing prepped meals! Boom!! So I looked through the fridge and decided on trying 3 of them to see how I liked them. I got the chicken marsala with brown rice pasta and peas, the turkey chili with zucchini cornbread, and the steak fajita bowl. I would review each of them individually, but i’d end up saying the same thing over and over again— because they were all fantastic! I The meat was all moist (I really hate that word, but is there anything better to describe it? If so let me know asap) everything was seasoned really well, and the portion sizes were great- I was really full after each one. The zucchini cornbread was NOT dry and crumbly like I had expected it to be and the chili had a subtle smoky flavor with a little bit of spice. I was especially nervous about the steak fajita bowl– idk, i’m weird about steak and if it isn’t super fresh it kind of freaks me out.. but I bought these meals last Friday.. and today is Tuesday (not Wednesday…) and it still tasted fresh and was cut thin enough where it wasn’t chewy or anything sketchy like that. All of their ingredients are clean and simple to keep your nutrition on track.. and they put them all on the label as well as the macros for each meal (which is awesome.) I do think they’re a little on the pricey side ($10 per meal) but like I said, if you’re in a jam.. I think its worth it.

Moral of the story… if you guys find yourself in a bind and can’t get your meal prepping done.. DEFINITELY run into Nutrition Elite and grab yourself a meal or two so that you don’t find yourself in a fast food drive through. (They don’t have a website but they have a Facebook page) I know I’ll be back for more! Probably today actually.. but that’s besides the point 🙂

Weekend warriors.

Hello friends! I hope everyone’s having a great week! If you aren’t… only one more day til Friday and then you can enjoy the weekend.. so suck it up until then! Just kidding.. but for real- we’re so close! I wanna chat a little bit about weekends, and being a “weekend warrior.” I know that the Monday through Friday grind can get the best of us. Especially if you work a 9-5 job, its hard to make it to the gym- I totally get it. I used to work that 9-5 type of desk job where at the end of a long day the last thing you can think about is changing your clothes, and driving to a gym… so you’ll just workout on the weekend and it’ll be fine.. right? While yes, its still great that you’re working out on the weekends.. but if you ONLY work out on the weekends, are you really doing enough to reach your goals? Probably not.. Also- these so called “weekend warriors” tend to push themselves SO hard to make up for their lack of activity during the week, that they can actually injure themselves (which would suck because then you cant workout for even longer!) My advice: try and set a goal to workout AT LEAST 2x during the week, in addition to your weekend workouts. Regardless of what it is, a workout in a gym, or a long walk at your local park- any kind of movement is better than nothing at all. Keep in mind that you can also workout in your living room at home for 30 minutes a day either before work or after.

The other kind of weekend warrior, is the one who eats GREAT all week long, and then all of a sudden the weekend comes and they deserve to eat whatever they want. First off, props to you for making your nutrition a priority all week long. That’s not easy no matter where you work. But let me put something in perspective for you. If, for example you eat 1800 calories of healthy nutritious food during the Monday through Friday work week.. and then go crazy and eat 3500 calories on Saturday and Sunday- your week average is 2300 calories. 500 calories difference might not seem like much, but in one month that’s 2,000 extra calories, and in one year that’s 24,000 extra, unnecessary calories that will totally sabotage your goals. 

So as always… get up, get moving and please let me know if you need any workout ideas or help in any way! Ps I’m attaching some pictures from last Easter weekend because my kid is too cute not to, and because I can 🙂


Vacation mode. 

How was everyone’s weekend?? Hopefully you don’t have a case of the Mondays and are ready to tackle the week! I’m actively trying to be better about not being a downer on Mondays. It seems like almost a trend to hate on Mondays. Why do we do this? Mondays are a clean slate and a new chance to work hard during the week! So lets be excited for Mondays instead of hating on them…k?

This weekend we went up to Anna Maria Island on Saturday to visit some of Stephens friends who were in town from Ohio. I have never been to AMI before but ohhhhhh my goodness it is the cutest little island beach town ever! Everything is local, I didn’t see one chain restaurant or store. All of the houses are super beachy colors, everyone is cruising around on bikes or sitting outside. Saturday when we got there we spent most of the time at the pool (which Harper loved) and then we zipped around on a golf cart to check out the island. We ended up eating at a little place called the Ugly Grouper– (I got a grilled mahi sandwich and sweet potato fries) , and getting iced coffee at the Island Coffee Haus which was delicious.

After more golf cart riding we headed back to the condos we were staying at and hung by the pool some more. Then Stephens friends’ parents offered to stay and hang in our room while Harper and our friends little baby slept so we could all go out (so nice of them!) so we went to dinner at this place called Lobstahs— the drinks were better than the food, I wouldn’t recommend eating there.. I got wings and they were fine but everyone else wasn’t very happy with their food. Then we went to a local bar called DCoy Ducks which was so fun!! I drank a little more than I planned but there was a fun little reggae band playing and we NEVER get to see our friends so we just had a good time. Sidenote: toddlers dont care what time you went to bed, or how many drinks you’ve had… they still wake up at 5:59am ready to party.

So Sunday morning we were awake before all of our friends so we drove and got more iced coffee at the Island Coffee Haus and took Harper for a wagon ride around the island. Once everyone was awake we all took the golf cart to the Donut Experiment– which is what I was waiting for all weekend! They make homemade donuts and you fill out a card with the icing and topping combos you want. Ohmylordddd it was amazing! They came out warm and gooey and definitely lived up to the hype! My favorite was the fruity pebble with vanilla icing. We all played donut graveyard where you all take bites of each one so you can try them all. After donuts we rode down to meet the rest of our friends at a breakfast place right on the beach which was really fun- so I got an omelet and Harper got to run and roll around in the sand. We headed back to the condos and while Harper napped Stephen and I laid by the pool with our friends before we packed up and headed home.

Going on a vacation with a super active toddler always kind of made me anxious but Harper did so great going with the flow and she absolutely LOVED riding in the golf cart, swimming and being outside all day so it was totally worth it. Not to mention we got to see some of our best friends that we don’t see often. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely was asleep by 9 since I was so exhausted but we got to make some great memories in one of the cutest towns that I can’t wait to get back to!!! If you get the chance, definitely go check out Anna Maria Island!

Workout Naked

Have you ever wondered what it felt like to workout naked? I honestly never thought about it until recently. Enter: Nulux. lululemon’s newest line of workout gear that is honestly like working out naked. The material is silky soft, dries SO fast after a sweaty workout, and is so light you will NEVER have to fuss with your clothes while getting your sweat on.


My husband got me the tights before I started my new job a couple months ago and honestly, if wearing the same pair of pants every single day was socially acceptable, I TOTALLY would. I am obsessed with the high rise, and love the little reflective detailing on the bottom to give a basic pair of black tights a little detail. Another amazing feature is that these have deep side pockets! The only thing, is that since the material is so light, i don’t advise throwing your phone7+ in there if you’re going to be running or jumping since they will probably be weighed down, but any other workout should be totally fine. They now have 2 different lengths (a full length tight, and a crop) and a couple different color/pattern options too!


Now imagine my excitement when a friend texted me and said that they expanded the nulux line into sports bras also! I pretty much couldn’t get to the store fast enough. When I tried the bra on, at first I was a little hesitant. I couldn’t tell if I needed to go down a size or keep my original size because it truly felt like I wasn’t even wearing a bra so I couldn’t tell if I was supported enough. I almost didn’t even get it! Ah! Sooo glad I did.(I got my original size btw.) I wore it today for a HIIT workout and some lower body lifting and it was (of course) great. I felt supported, but also SO comfortable. I never once had to adjust the straps, or pull the band down to re-adjust. Kinda unheard of, amiright girls??!


You guys definitely need to go check this stuff out. lululemon is changing the workout game with this amazing cloud-like fabric and its one of those things you need to feel to believe. Trrrrrrust me.