Well you guys… its here… (or I guess its been here since Halloween) but it’s officially Holiday season! Thanksgiving is next week, and then you’ll blink and there goes Christmas and New Years! They come and go so quickly that before you know it you’ve skipped 2 weeks of workouts and you’ve eaten so much dang pumpkin pie you can’t even face stepping on the scale.

Lets pause for a second and talk about planning around your goals, shall we? If you are trying to be super strict and lose a significant amount of weight- then your holiday planning will look different than someone who is trying to maintain their weight. Its all relative to what your goals are. The Holidays are notorious for super large portions, fatty foods and tons of sweets. I’ve heard (and personally used) so many excuses for skipping workouts and eating too much over the holidays.. but I’m here to give you a couple tips/tricks for not going completelyyyyy overboard this season.

  1. Come up with a game plan! Pick certain foods that you KNOW you want to indulge in, and then scale back on some of the other side dishes. If your mom makes a killer apple pie that you just cant skip- then DONT! But maybe don’t load up your plate with the sweet potato casserole that’s loaded with butter and marshmallows.
  2. Keep up with your workouts! Plan out your workouts for each day and find a friend or family member to join you to keep you accountable…You don’t need to sweat for hours each day, but get up and move your body! You can go on a long walk, do a 30 minute interval workout, or hit the gym for an hour. Waking up and getting your sweat on will help set you up for making better decisions later in the day!
  3. If your goals require you to be much stricter with what your eating– then make some of the food yourself! That way you have no excuse to say “well I had no other choices..” Yes you do.. you ALWAYS have other choices, and if you need to make your own green bean dish to stay on track.. do it. Which leads me to..
  4. Get ready to explain yourself to family members. I’ve gotten this from a lot of friends who say they feel badly if they aren’t eating what their family makes. Family will always ask why you aren’t eating something, or why you brought your own food. Just come up with an answer ahead of time and explain to them what your goals are and what you’re trying to accomplish. Most people will totally understand and be proud of you, but there’s always going to be that Aunt Dianne who tries to shove cookies down your mouth.
  5. Enjoy yourself! The holidays are such a special time to spend with your loved ones, don’t trade memories for stress about eating. Stick with your plan and you’ll be successful, and enjoy yourself too!

Have a great holiday season and check back next week for some free holiday workouts!

Do you.


I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately… in a social media driven world, it’s super easy to start idolizing others, and try to take on what they “do.” What I mean by this, is that there is always a fitness trend..the “in” workout, or the “in” diet.. and I’m sure it differs based on who you follow on your social media platforms. Whether that’s eating paleo, counting your macros, doing shakeology… training for a half marathon, lifting heavy weights, or doing hiit training.

For me– I think that whatever you’re doing.. if you are taking steps towards bettering yourself, then that’s awesome!  HOWEVER! Don’t get so caught up in what your doing IF YOU ARENT ENJOYING IT!!! If you don’t like running.. but are pushing yourselves through long runs because your favorite blogger is a runner, or if you are lifting weights, but you have to force yourself to go every day- but “ohmygosh this girl on instagram lifts weights and she looks great so that’s what I have to do too” just STOPPP. The same goes for diet/nutrition. If you try out paleo for a while but feel too restricted.. then don’t continue pushing yourself through it “just because.” If you can’t stand logging your food every single day- then maybe counting your macros isn’t for you! Find what it is that works for you, that you can keep up with day-in and day-out to achieve your goals, and heres the best part!! Ready?? You don’t have to do the same thing forever!!! It’s a crazy concept, I know.. but you aren’t chained to counting your macros, you don’t always have to run or lift or whatever it is that you’re doing. Think of your body/workouts/nutrition as an experiment. Start paying attention to how you are feeling physically and mentally and alter things based on that! If you’re body has stopped responding to running, or your just feeling burnt out- change it up! If you just CANT log one more thing into myfitnesspal, change it up! Find something else, and see how your body responds to that for a couple weeks… and you can ALWAYS go back to what you were doing previously.

I’ve done it all. I’ve tried out paleo, I’ve counted macros, I’ve ran half marathons, I’ve lifted weights and all the in between. I’ve enjoyed some things, and some others not so much. But I always enjoy trying out new things to see how my body responds (or doesn’t) and switching it up after a while. I get bored easily and the last thing I want for myself is to have workouts feel like a chore. There are sooo many things that you cant control in your life.. but what you put in your mouth, and how you move your body is something that you CAN control. So make good food choices, workout often and enjoy the journey!




Okay….. before we dive in.. HOW FRICKEN CUTE is my little elephant baby!?! I had debated dressing up my little blondie as Cinderella–but once I saw this elephant costume it was game over. For anyone who knows me, and for those who don’t.. I am OBSESSEDDDD with elephants. Always have been. They’re the most amazing animals and I just fricken love everything about them. SO just picture me strolling the aisles at Target (duh.. where else would I  be) and literally squealing out loud.. Harper was embarrassed but I’m sure its not going to be the first time.


I always want to be the family that dresses up together on Halloween (as long as Harper wants us to) so I made Stephen a lion, and I dressed up as the circus ring-leader (figured that was appropriate.. haha) We had so much fun trick or treating with great friends and Harper had a blast walking up and down the street with all of the kids!


Now…with Halloween behind us, I’ve realized just how many conversations I’ve had with people (and myself) regarding guilt. Guilt is such a stupid emotion..  I learned through  majoring in psychology that guilt is an emotion attached to judgment. So basically, you feel guilty when you think you’re being judged in a negative way. Now, I’m not saying that I never feel guilty, or that people just should stop feeling guilty all together… I just think we need to do better at realizing where our guilt is coming from- and realizing that WE are the only ones who can change how we feel. No one else is responsible for how YOU feel…people are going to judge you no matter what- so why attach guilt?

Perfect example… Halloween Monday, I came in to work and there was a big Halloween potluck party.. people brought all sorts of delicious treats. I always preach balance when it comes to eating and working out so I knew that I would try some of the treats. Well.. I’m not really sure what happened other then the fact that I’m human, and the next thing I knew I had WAAAAAY too many treats (we’re talking brownies, sugar cookies, the works!) It didn’t even end there… I went home, got our costumes on and broke into the bag of candy for the trick or treaters. I even had a couple pieces before bed. Needless to say I didn’t sleep AT ALL, and was sweaty, hot and miserable the whole night from all of the sugar. I woke up feeling guilty (and extremely tired.) After allowing myself to wallow in guilt for a little while I realized that I was just wasting my time being guilty! I couldn’t take back what happened- all I could do was make better choices from that moment on. So for all of you who may have indulged in a little too many Halloween treats.. MOVE ON!! Don’t attach guilt to the choices you made on that ONE day.. when you can’t do anything to change them! Make healthy choices today.. get a great workout in and leave that guilt in the past!

Here’s a little workout help you sweat out some of the sugar!


Dumbell squat and press

burpee’s with tuck jump


Dumbell walking lunges

Suitcase Crunches