Instant Gratification.

Lets talk about instant gratification (duh… check the title.) I am, and always have been, someone who loves instant gratification. Hard workout at the gym?– Im totally checking to see if there’s any immediate changes in definition. Sign up for a certification?– Im already wishing I could take the exam and start right away. I already know this about myself, and haven’t really given it much thought until just the other night..

Enter awkward transition to teeth whitener….


I had noticed the other day that my love for several cups of coffee a day  (#momlife) has made my pearly whites not so white. I had seen on pinterest weeks ago about a natural teeth whitener using coconut oil and turmeric. I thought maybe it was a practical joke because turmeric stains anything and everything and has no mercy with its bright YELLOW color.. I could see it now– scrubbing it all over my teeth and it staining them bright yellow for weeks. But I was desperate and had both ingredients in my pantry so I figured I’d give it a try, especially since it said the results were… you guessed it… INSTANT! So I mixed up the little concoction, scrubbed it on.. let it sit and prayed I wasn’t the butt of a joke. Well…… LET ME JUST TELLL YOU.. it was friggin’ amazing!!!!! Immediately whiter (and luckily, the turmeric ONLY stained the old t-shirt I was wearing and not my teeth.) I highly recommend you all try this if your teeth need a little brightening!


I just mixed 1 tablespoon coconut oil, and 1/2 tablespoon turmeric, but I don’t think theres really a wrong recipe as long as the texture is enough to scrub on your teeth. It made a lot so I put it in a little Tupperware container and had enough for the week.

Now, back to instant gratification.. (I promise as I continue blogging my transitions will HOPEFULLY improve…) I found this quote online that made me realize that I need to enjoy the journey a little more instead of just seeking the end result right away.

“What you want, and what you need aren’t always the same. Be willing to delay short term gratification, for long term greatness

So, I challenge you to sit down and think about places in your life where you can enjoy the journey a little bit more, whether that’s motherhood, work, fitness etc….

**don’t forget to let me know how the teeth whitener works for you!!**


Just go do it.


Every day when I pick up Harper from daycare, theres this older guy (probably like 75 years old..) and he’s always in his gym clothes, power walking down the MIDDLE of the road. Now, in Florida at 4:30 pm its fricken hottttt…  But every single day, without fail, I have to come to a complete stop, and wait for him to pass. At first it was annoying because he never moved out of the way, he just kept on speed walking in his old blue nike gym shorts, ,red cut off tank and white sweat band (he wears this every single time, and apparently he loves America and doing laundry every day.) But then as the weeks went by and I still saw him every day– I started thinking how fricken awesome he is. He is the perfect example of dedication. He gets up off his couch (I assume) every single afternoon, laces up his sneaks and hits the road. No matter how hot it is outside, no matter how tired he is, and no matter how many cars have to slow down and wait for him to pass. His health and fitness is still important enough for him to suffer through potential heat stroke (seriously… I worry about this for him.) I think about him a lot of times when I’m super tired after work and the last thing I want to do is go to the gym, but if he can do it- so can I. So for all of you who need a little extra motivation to workout, or to work a little harder towards whatever goals you’ve set for yourself– think about this guy, and just go do it.

If you need an idea for a quick workout;


burpees and squats (5 reps of each exercise, then 10 of each etc, with no rest until you’re done!)




There’s a first time for everything. We’ve all heard it a million times- but why are “firsts” so scary? First dates, first days of school or work, your first time at a new gym etc.. The fear of the unknown can even stop people from taking risks, but if you never try- you never know (dang, so many cliché’s already!) For me, I’ve been curious/interested in starting a blog for a while now, but the fear of what people will think, or the fact that I’m DEFINITELY not a professional/creative writer has stopped me for a while. Wellllppp- here we are.. my FIRST blog post. Scary- but exciting… These past couple of months I’ve kind of reached a point where I just don’t give af what people think anymore (or at least not as much….) So if you can handle my typos and bad grammar, my ramblings, and probably some cursing- then welcome!- we can enjoy this ride together! I promise I’ll try and get better each time…

So what should a first blog post include? Not really sure… I guess a small introduction? –this is like that awkward ice breaker on the first day of school that I always hated.. stand up, say your name, where you’re from and one fun fact about you– ugh. WHY do teachers do this!? Anyways. NAME: Alexa, FROM: Naples, Florida born and raised ONE FUN FACT: (even sitting in my office by myself typing this, its still just as awkward as being a freshman in high school)… one fun fact about me is that I recently started a personal training company to inspire and encourage women to get in shape mentally and physically! #shamelessplug. [More about that later.] Maybe i’ll do another post in the future with a little more about me but the short version; I’m 27.. I have an AMAZING 11 month old daughter named Harper, and the most fun husband Stephen. I love all things fitness and food related- and will be posting many different workout ideas and some recipes/food ideas.

SO thanks for joining- and helping me celebrate my first blog post! Hope to see you back here soon!